Where to Buy CBD Seeds

For a long time CBD rich plants such as ACDC were clone only plants. Now more and more seeds are coming to market. I will highlight a few here. If you know of any other 20:1 or greater seeds. please let us know.

Centennial Seeds

Centennial Seeds out of Lafayette CO produces a couple CBD rich “hemp” strains known as Otto II and BaOx. Prices start at about $80 for 14 regular seeds all the way to $5,000 for 62,000 seeds. I do not know if they ship, or if they do if they ship outside of Colorado. These are said to reliably produce 0.3% or less THC if harvested at just the right time. Good luck, currently sold out for the 2018 season.


Oregon CBD Seeds

Oregon CBD Seeds is a type III Industrial Hemp breeder for cannabinoid rich cultivars rich in terpenes and flavonoids. They offer several CBD varieties as well as they are expected to release a CBG cultivar for the 2019 season. You must have a state license for Hemp and the minimum order is 5000 seeds for $5000.

Oregon CBD Seeds

Blue Forest Farms

Blue Forest Farms sells seeds, flower, oil, etc. They appear to sell other breeders seeds as well as C4 which I haven’t found elsewhere yet. They may also have BaOx and Otto II which is currently out of stock at Centennial.

Blue Forest Farms

High Alpine Hemp Genetics

High Alpine Hemp Genetics has a plethora of hemp strains, many derive from the cherry variety.

High Alpine Hemp Genetics

High Grade Hemp

High grade hemp is the original breeder of Cherry Wine hemp seeds. They are a little pricey with a minimum order of 2000 seeds.

High Grade Hemp Seeds

Tree of Life Seeds

Tree of life seeds out of Arkansas is the breeder of the well known Cherry Wine cultivar of hemp. They also have the Cobbler cultivar which is said to pack a pungent unique array of terpenes. They may also have CBG seeds available for the 2019 season though I can’t find any details. Minimum order is 5000 seeds for licensed hemp farms only.

Tree of Life Seeds

Dinafem Seeds

Dinafem is an early partner with CBD Crew. They have plenty of CBD rich varieties but here I will focus on their 20:1 ratio strains. Dinafem does not ship to the United States but their distributor does. Dinamed feminized and Dinamed feminized auto. The auto produces about 2-4 ounces in as little as 80 days after germination.

Dinamed Feminized seeds, 20:1 ratio CBD:THC
Dinamed Feminized Auto seeds, 20:1 ratio CBD:THC

MM Genetics

MMG produces a 20:1 ratio with their Candida (CD-1) strain which is a cross between ACDC and Harlequin. ACDC and Harlequin were early favorites for clone only CBD.

Candida (CD-1) seeds, 20:1 ratio CBD:THC

CBD Crew

CBD Crew may be one of the first to bring a 20:1 CBD seed to market with CBD Therapy. However, it hasn’t turned out to be completely reliable. Sometimes producing a 20:1, sometimes 2:1 or anywhere in-between. I still list it here because its a great strain either way. It’s notoriously out of stock and difficult to locate. Good luck.

CBD Therapy seeds, 20:1 ratio… sometimes.

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